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I Work For YOU… NOT For My Own Interests!

I NEVER accept “double commission” when I’m the only agent in the sale. 
Many agents try their very best to “engineer” a sale with NO involvement by other agents.
They want to collect a double commission for THEMSELVES, labeling this “double-ending” their “best transaction”.
The question is “best for WHO?” Certainly not for YOU!

What I do instead is to start a “Buyer Bidding-War” by giving Direct Buyers a 2% HomeBuyer Cash-Back.
The buyer agrees in writing that I represent ONLY YOU… the Buyer is NOT represented at all.
This gives experienced, seasoned Buyers what they want (a discount rather than agent representation).

It avoids legal problems with “Dual-Agency” (where the agent supposedly represents both Buyer & Seller).
It’s legal in California, but actually IMPOSSIBLE to negotiate for YOU AND the BUYER (ILLEGAL in some states).

My Direct-to-Buyer program often starts a Buyer Bidding-War.
This is EXACTLY what I want for getting YOU an over-market sale.

Unique Homes Extras

For unique Specialty Homes (on-the-beach, 20+ car garages, horse property, 8+ bedroom suites, etc) I also use list-buying and Targeted Direct Mail .
This is in addition to my full complement of online and social marketing.

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